Play Gear

Adult play always includes bondage gear of some type.

By restraining each other, engaging in role play or dominance and submission games, it can bring a couple closer together and bring out their creative and erotic side.

Incorporating adult play adds a new level of excitement to your sex life. Couples young and old enjoy light bondage toys and many come back for more to widen their range of play gear.

Definitely recommended for couples whose sex life has hit a slump, a whip, blindfold and handcuffs can make your sex life new again!

If you are new to using play gear, please read through our “How to use Sex Toys” guide.


Restraints are an essential part of adult play to allow you to act as a dominant (“top”) or to act as a submissive (“bottom”).

Used in role play and all other dominant and submissive sex acts, you restrain your partner to heighten sexual arousal and to experince the sensation of control or submission.

There are many ways of restraining your partner, from handcuffs, bondage tape, bondage rope, collars, harnesses etc, and each way allows for different sexual positions and teasing.


Blindfolds and Ticklers

It has been proven that when the sense of sight is gone, all the other senses are heightened.

Each touch, tickle or clasp will be much more heightened. Every move will be more exciting because you won’t know what is coming next. Playfully tickling the skin with a feather tickler with enhance sensual arousal.

Shutting out the sight is a great way to enliven up your relationship, as it enables the submissive partner to surrender total control to the dominant. Surprise your partner because they won’t know what will coming next!


Nipple Stimulators

From nipple clamps, to nipple pumps to nipple rings – nipple stimulators are a very popular item in adult play as the nipples are extremely sensitive and an erogenous zone to most.

Adding a squeezing feel to the nipples can cause some people to experience a much more powerful or a quicker to achieve orgasm.

If you enjoy your nipples being sucked, squeezed or even touched, then give nipple clamps a try. They are hands free so you are able to do other things.

For a sensory thrill, try vibrating nipple clamps or a nipple pump, or wear nipple rings to enhance your arousal.


Whips and Paddles

A slap, spank or even a light tickle with a whip or paddle can add a big time thrill to sex.

The is a great bondage toy for adult play. A really fun way for couples to explore their sexuality together as it is an intimate and erotic act.

No pain has to be involved, as many whips come in a variety of soft and pleasurable materials and can be used to caress and feather the skin.

Paddles are intended to make a good slapping noise on the skin and can bring the excitement and spontaneity back into your sex life.