Help for Men

Hi guys and welcome to Coco Bella!

We know that the mysterious world of women’s lingerie can sometimes be very confusing, so this section of our website is designed to help you grapple with the terminology, sizes and style preferences.

It can be a somewhat daunting task, so we have put together some guides to help you choose some lovely gifts for your girl.

Please remember you can always ask our knowledgeable staff in store for advice, or you can ring your nearest store for help. We are happy to help!

Don’t know your chemise from your cami? This glossary will help you with some lingerie lingo to help you decide what is most suitable for the woman in your life. If you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask for help instore, or ring your nearest store for advice.


Very popular choice of lingerie that is flattering on all body types. A short nightgown style with straps that flares out from under the bust. Often comes with a matching panty.


A bandeau is like a tube top. It is a strapless, wide band of fabric that is worn around the bust. They give no support, so are better suited to smaller breasted women.

Bikini Panties

One of the most popular panty styles with a waistband that rests below the belly button. The sides vary in thickness from just a string (string bikini as pictured) to a fuller cut. The rear coverage on a bikini is moderate.


A sleeveless short top that is usually worn under the clothes. Some may come with built in bras (as shown in the image below) or may be more like a short, strappy singlet.


A short dress style used as a undergarment. Similiar to a babydoll, except that it is more straight cut and fitting, rather than the more free flowing babydoll.

Corset & Bustier

English corsets are designed with strong boning to physically constrain and alter the contour of a woman’s shape by dramatically pulling in the waist and uplifting the breasts. Fashion corsets/bustiers are more ornamental rather than a body contouring garment.

French Cut Panties

French cut panties are women’s briefs with high-cut legs. This gives the appearance of longer, leaner legs.

French Knickers

Very flattering, fuller style knickers for an elegant and glamorous look. Suits most body shapes.


A garterbelt/suspender belt is a lingerie strap worn around the waist underneath the clothing with four clips (two at front and two at back) to hold stockings up.

G-String & Thong

The famous G-string and Thong which has minimal coverage at the back of the pant which eliminates the panty line. G-string’s have slightly wider backs than thongs. Women either love them or hate them!


Gown and matching robe set. Very elegant and glamorous and suits most body types.

Shelf Bra

Sometimes also called a Balcony or Balconette bra. An underwire bra with only half a cup (front). This bra offers support, but doesn’t cover the nipple. (Demi bra is similiar, but does cover the nipple).

Stockings & Pantihose

Stockings are two pieces (legs) that need suspenders to stay up – (either from a suspender belt or knickers/top with suspenders attached). Thigh Hi’s and Stay Up stockings have an elasticised top and they do not require suspenders. Pantyhose are a one piece that comes to the waist.


Another popular choice of lingerie, these are one piece short bodysuits – a bit like swimsuits. Generally they are quite light and the bra cups may or may not be underwired.

Triangle Bra

Made for petite to average breasted figures, these bras have triangle-shaped cups and thin straps. Triangle bras rarely have underwires, so therefore offer no support or shape.


Underwire in the cup area of a bra (or top) is especially suited for larger breasted women or for women wanting to lift their breasts higher. They offer more support and shape than non-underwire bras.

Waist Cincher

Waist cinchers are similiar to cropped corsets as they pull in the waist. They do not cover the breasts, and varying styles can be worn as either outer or underwear.