Despite the myth that this is an exclusively gay male practice, all kinds of people enjoy anal sex. And for good reason – it feels good. The muscles and nerve endings around the anus are highly sensitive and can feel fantastic when touched. All men have prostate glands that can only be reached through the rectum and feel especially good when stimulated. Women’s G-spots are easily stimulated indirectly through anal play as well.

If you are new to using anal toys, please read through our “How to use Sex Toys” guide.

Butt Plugs

The anal butt plug is designed to be worn during sex.

For men, is pushes on the prostate and heightens the experience and for women, it narrows the vaginal canal, making sex feel tighter for more pleasurable.

Butt plugs are usually made from rubber and are firm for two reasons, so that they can push on the anus and to fill up the space.

Add a butt plug to your sexual encounter or masturbation for an incredible experience.



These anal sex toys are a staple item in any sex toys box.

They are usually jelly or plastic beads on a nylon string and are created to be inserted in the anus and pulled out right at the moment of orgasm.

They range in size from small for the first timer to large for the expert user. The varying sensation from bead to string corresponds with the muscle flexing of an orgasm and amplifies the sensations.

If you have never felt this, you have no idea what you are missing!



These toys are for both women and men and add more physical sensation than a standard anal toy, as the vibrations on the sensitive nerve endings amplify your orgasm immensely.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you are bound to find a new addition to your sex toy box!



When you want to add a little more sensation to your sex or masturbation, anal dildos are sex toys you need to make your orgasms better.

You can either insert the anal toy and leave it like a butt plug or move it around like a dildo.

These come in varying sizes, from large anal sex toys for experienced users to slim anal probes for the first timers.

Anal dildos also often come with flared bases, for use in harnesses.