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Cocobella is proud to be able to offer a range of quality Love Dolls.These beautiful dolls are movable and pose-able, from their head to their fingers and toes. Made from soft TPE they feel life like. Availablewith heating wand and intelligent vocalization! with built in sensors and respond to touch and will tell you how much they are enjoying your company. These Dolls are available in a range of heights, builds, hair and eye colours to suit personal tastes.Movable and Pose-ableHeating FunctionIntelligent VocalizationRange of Heights and BuildsThose Hair and Eye ColourPlease email for a catalog. As these Dolls are personalized there is a 14 day to 30 day delivery time. 

Companion Dolls

Companion Dolls


The Benefits of Buying a Companion Doll from CocoBella

Although we got our start with a brick and mortar store that we continue to operate, we're forging ahead as one of New Zealand's premier online sex toy retailers. Our new companion doll offerings are only the latest in our efforts to provide our customers with the best options around. What are some of the perks of shopping with us?
  • We're here to help you throughout the entire ordering process. With confidential, and non-judgemental customer service, you can explore companion doll options at your own pace with an easy resource for answering questions you may have.
  • We take steps to make shipping arrangements as discreet as possible, even with a product this large. They are life-sized, after all!
  • Trust in quality. We only opted to begin offering Entity dolls after learning about their quality features, such as the unique TPE material used for each doll, which creates a soft and lifelike-feeling skin.
We look forward to the chance to help point you in the right direction for a purchase that you will be sure to enjoy.

Can You Customise Your Order for Entity Dolls?

Yes! Their customisability is one of their key selling points, and there are many options available for you to select. While the custom nature of these products does mean they have a longer lead time, you'll enjoy a bespoke doll at the end of the process. What can you change?
  • Virtually all physical attributes are up for customisation, including height, build type, hair colour, eye colour, and much more. You'll find full details about physical changes in the catalogue, available upon request.
  • Opt for a unique and cutting-edge heating function for a warm touch and inviting sensations.
  • Intelligent vocalisation options allow your doll to respond to certain actions — choose the voice type that you like best for a superior experience.
For full details about the ordering process, please let us know about your interest.

Why Trust CocoBella When You Want a RealDoll Alternative?

At CocoBella, we don't offer products that don't provide real value and enjoyment for our partners. Only after careful consideration and a rigorous selection process did we opt to begin offering Entity dolls for sale. With friendly and discreet support plus reliable shipping, taking your explorations to the next level is easier than ever. Contact us today to get started.