These are probably one of the most popular sex toys and deservedly so. They are a vibrating toy intended for vaginal or anal insertion and come in a plethora of designs and sizes intended for different purposes and stimulation. Some vibrators are multi-stimulators whilst others are for stimulation of a specific area only.
If you are new to using vibrators, please read through our “How to use Sex Toys“guide.


These vibrators are a traditional design. Over the years, they have advanced to include various textures, colors, features and materials.

Most of the traditional vibrators are very powerful because they are made of plastic which resonates vibrations very well. The other common kind of traditional vibrator is the jelly vibrator which offers an entirely different sensation then the plastic.

Classic vibrators usually have adjustable speeds and often have different vibration patterns. These are all easily adjustable from either the base of the vibrator, or sometimes they have a separate hand controller.

Classic vibrators (when inserted) will stimulate the vaginal wall and g-spot, although you can also use them externally as a clitoral stimulator too.


A G-Spot vibe is a must for every woman’s sex toy collection.

The G-Spot is located a few inches inside the vagina on the front facing wall.This vibrator is shaped with a bend in it, in order to specifically stimulate this area for G-Spot orgasm.

These vibrators are usually slimline as their primary function is for G-Spot stimulation, and not vaginal wall stimulation.


The most popular style of vibrator that was made famous by an episode of “Sex & the City”.

These vibrators are multi-stimulators and offer clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time.

They are called rabbit vibrators because the most common design for the clitoral stimulator is a rabbit head with long ears – (the image on the right uses a dolphin instead).

The rabbit head sits on the clitoris and the ears (or flippers) hug the sides of the clitoris. This alone can deliver a strong orgasm, but that’s not all, the shaft also vibrates and may rotate as well – and as the image here shows, some also combine a G-Spot vibrator as shown by the curve in the shaft.


Strap On

These are hands fee vibrators that you can use wherever, or whenever you want to.

Firstly, you can wear it during sex. This allows you to freely change positions and to use your hands to do anything you please. The strap-on vibrator will stimulate your clitoris at the push of a button.

You can also use it to arouse yourself whenever you need to. Some can even be worn under clothing and offer you subtle arousal, or you can wear it at home alone.

Bullets and Eggs

Immensely popular due to the compact small size and the fact that they can be used discreetly.

Bullets and Eggs are mini vibrators that are a great for sex toy novices. They can either have a base controller or a separate hand controller.

They measure between 3 to 5 inches long and sometimes comes with sleeves to slip over top for extra stimulation.

You can even get remote-controlled (wireless) bullets and eggs, so you can give your partner the controller, so he can give you a pleasant surprise when you least expect it!