For Him

Toys for men can be used either alone or with a partner.

Most sex toys for men will feel better than only using your hand.

If you have no woman around to satisfy your urges, a simulator or a another toy will enhance your self pleasure.

Cock rings are a very popular for couples and should be an essential in your sex toy collection. Not only for men’s pleasure, most cock rings have stimulation nodes, or a vibrating bullet inserted to stimulate the female too.

If you are new to using male toys, please read through our “How to use Sex Toys” guide.

Penis Rings

The penis ring is commonly used as an erection booster for men.

By holding the fluids in the penis, it maintains the erection for longer, allowing you to fully please your partner or to enjoy masturbation.

There are a large variety of penis rings that have different levels of erection support. Some of the softer jelly rings are made purely for sexual stimulation and have virtually no impact on the strength of the erection.

Some rings offer clitoral stimulation for your partner with either nodules or vibrations, and there are even disposable vibrating rings now available!

When shopping for a penis ring, take a look at the material it is made of and the thickness of the ring, it makes a difference in the level of erection support.


Penis Sleeves

This is a sleeve that is placed on the shaft of the penis, with the aim of increasing stimulation for the person being penetrated.

They usually have soft bumps or nodules intended to provide further stimulation.



The ultimate masturbation toy.

The materials on some simulators are so realistic, they actually look and behave just like the real thing. They can come in different types such as vaginal simulators, mouth simulators and anal simulators.

These are a better substitute for your hand and are consistently best selling sex toys!